Types of reports

The final stage of in-line inspection is a report preparation. A report is made according to analysis of signals, picked up by the inspection tools. To decode a set of signals, various methods, algorithms and proprietary software are applied.

Report can be submitted in several forms:
  • Preliminary report
  • Preliminary report is issued within the minimum period of time, indicating significant defects that are subject to immediate field inspection or anomalies selected for calibration the evaluation methods of its parameters.

  • Partial report
  • Partial report is a result of full data analysis for part of inspected section located between certain blocking valves and is issued upon agreement with a customer in case of conducting urgent repair operations.

  • Conclusive or final report
  • Final report on the results of in-line inspection contains fullest information about operating of ILI tools, all detected construction features, characteristics, anomalies (defects) and its measured parameters. The results of severity assessments and information on priorities of field inspection of detected anomalies can be submitted for reference purposes.

  • Report on revisions
  • Report on revisions includes anomalies with changed parameters and estimation of remaining strength of any defects. This type of report is generally issued after submission of final report in case any additional information on inspected section arises afterwards.

  • Other types of reports
  • Additional reports for a certain inspection tool, e.g. geometry pig. Such reports are issued subject to agreement with a customer.

A report of LLC «NPC «VTD» upon the results of in-line inspection is provided to a customer in hard copy and in the form of electronic data along with the software, designed for visual representation and analysis.
  • "Printed" report
  • "Electronic" report
  • Analysis data in geographic information system (GIS) exchange format.

"Printed" report

"Electronic" report

Analysis data in GIS