Active tool speed regulator

Quality of magnetic inspection mainly depends on the velocity of the tool movement in the pipeline.

At the speed over 4 m/s (14.4 km/h) the quality of obtained data can become worse. To avoid loss of data quality, our company has invented the active tool speed regulator.

Active tool speed regulator (bypass) – a system enabling to control and adjust the movement speed of inspection tools within the set limits.

The bypass developed by our Company maintains the tool speed in the pipeline within the limit of 2-4 m/s regardless the product flow rate in the pipeline.

Active speed regulating devices make it possible to carry out high-resolution in-line inspection in normal pipeline operation conditions with the product flow rate up to 18 m/sec.

At the moment, almost all of our sets of inspection tools from 610 mm (24”) to 1420 mm (56”) are equipped with active speed regulators.

Tool location tracking system

To track the movement of inspection tools along the pipeline or to search for the tool, which stopped inside the pipeline due to any reason, the Company implements tracking systems.

Tools tracking system consists of low-frequency electromagnetic transmitter and receiver.

In-line inspection tools are equipped with low-frequency transmitter, it's signal goes through the pipe wall metal and soil. On the surface the signal from transmitter is detected by receiver (locator).

Locators can be placed along the pipeline axis for tracking the tool movement in the routing, and in case the tool stops, a mobile portable locator can be used to find it.