LLC NPC VTD is a scientific and production center that develops, manufactures and operates sets of equipment for in-line inspection of trunk pipelines from 219 mm to 1420 mm in diameter.

  • The company envisions its mission in secure maintenance of integrity of new and ageing pipelines.
  • Strategic aim of the company is to become a world leading in-line inspection company by means of developing new methods and technologies, ensuring safe operation of trunk oil and gas pipelines, using its scientific and technical potential.
  • The company has its own research and development, technical and production base. All equipment for in-line inspection is developed and produced by our company experts. Scientific and production potential of LLC NPC VTD makes it possible, within shortest time, to find solutions for most complicated tasks of pipeline operators by detecting all types of pipeline anomalies, including combinations of anomalies, colonies of fine cracks with small opening, deep and dangerous stress-corrosion and other cracks, estimate bending stress of pipelines, detect pipeline coating disbondment, and solve other crucial problems of pipeline integrity management.
  • We are open for cooperation with Russian and foreign companies in joint scientific and technological research aimed to maintain safe operation of trunk oil and gas pipelines, to protect people and environment from technogenic disasters.