2021 Results

2021 was a record-breaking year for LLC NPC VTD, despite continuing difficult situation with COVID-19 and all restrictions of pandemic, our company inspected 545 pipeline sections, which is 37% more than previous results.

1. The in-line inspection works in Russia and abroad were performed to full extent. In-line inspection works were performed at pipelines:
Subsidiaries of Gazprom JSC operating companies:

- Gazprom dobycha Krasnodar LLC
- Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk LLC
- Gazprom dobycha Urengoy LLC
- Gazprom dobycha Yamburg LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Grozny LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Yekaterinburg LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Kazan LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Krasnodar LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Makhachkala LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Moscow LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Nizhny Novgorod LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Saint Petersburg LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Saratov LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Stavropol LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Surgut LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Tomsk LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Ufa LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Ukhta LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Chaikovsky LLC
- Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk LLC
- Gazprom Transgaz Belarus (Republic of Belarus) JSC

Oil and gas producing companies:

- Growth Avenue Sdn. Bhd (GASB) (Malaysia)
- Intergas Central Asia (Kazakhstan) JSC
- Conexus Baltic Grid (Latvia) JSC
- Elering AS (Estonia) JSC
- BELGAZSTROY JSC (Belarus Republic)
- Volgogaz JSC
- Slavneft-Megionneftegaz JSC
- Irkutsk Oil Company LLC
- RN-Vankor LLC

We especially want to tell about the Power of Siberia gas pipeline of Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk LLC: despite the difficult transport accessibility, harsh climatic conditions, wall thickness up to 32 mm and length of some sections up to 300 km, works were finished at considerable advance rate in full compliance with the customer's technical requirements. The total length of inspected sections was more than 2,170 km. LLC NPC VTD used modern sets of equipment for in-line inspection developed by own resources and adapted to technical conditions of operation.

2. Development and production of small diameter sets of equipment (219 mm, 273 mm, 325 mm) for in-line inspection of thick-walled pipelines was completed.
The first works with new equipment were successfully completed at Gazprom dobycha Urengoy LLC.

3. Last year LLC NPC VTD continued to implement strategy on strengthening position in competitive market.
In frame of this strategy LLC NPC VTD received an ATEX certificate for compliance with European safety requirements for the whole range of produced equipment. Our company started departmental tests of new generation equipment (EMA) and created small diameter sets of equipment for thick-walled pipelines. LLC NPC VTD performed works by cable pulling by its own resources.

4. To strengthen cooperation and contacts with clients, LLC NPC VTD organized traditional seminar: "Modern technologies of the in-line inspection" in Ekaterinburg (from 17.11.2021 to 18.11.2021).
Seminar was attended by representatives of more than 20 companies (gas transportation, gas production, oil production).
At this seminar there was a presentation of new video about the company.

The effective work of LLC NPC VTD team allows to successfully solve the ambitious challenges facing the company!

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