Workshop on “Present opportunities of In-Line Inspection”

On April 24-25, 2018 NPC VTD LLC specialists held another workshop on “Present opportunities of In-Line Inspection” at “Onegin” hotel in Ekaterinburg. 

Since the previous workshop was held (October, 2016), much work has been done by the company’s specialists to implement new equipment with advanced capability and to develop new methods of data processing. The main reason for holding the workshop was the advent of new opportunities.

The workshop was attended by PAO Gazprom representatives (department, VNIIGAZ, managers and technical specialists of gas transmission companies), representatives of gas and oil transmission companies and monitoring institutions of Russia and former Soviet republics (Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Uzbekistan).

NPC VTD LLC presented reports on new technologies in the field of In-Line Inspection. The workshop guests outlined the problems in this sphere and shared their positive experience of cooperation with NPC VTD LLC.

The workshop took place in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. Besides the official, presentation part of the workshop, a large number of issues have been resolved during the breaks between the reports and during the visit of NPC VTD LLC production base in Berezovsky.

NPC VTD LLC is planning to organize such workshops in future as the new inspection technologies are progressively implemented.

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